One week out

So it is one week out from my first race in almost two years.  I did something stupid that I hope does not hurt the training and taper, I biked hard last night then went and played in a soccer game last night.  It feels like someone has taken a bat and beaten my quads a couple of times.  It is okay walking normal, but sitting and going down stairs is a different matter.

Overall, I hope things go well, but most importantly I hope that I have fun.  It looks like for now I am going to be taking the trip solo, which means for a long long drive back.  I know that I am just going to say that I am going to go out there and have fun but I know how I get, balls to the wall all the way though the race.  Leave nothing left in my body.  This might sound great but it is going to be a long 5 hour drive back after the race.  Hopefully I can recruit Beth to come down!

Pain is fear leaving the body!

Happy Aloha Friday!


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