Bikes, Running, and Yoga

Oh man is it hot up here in DC.  I went past a bank with a digital thermometer last night and it said 115 degrees.  Now, I know I am not in the desert so this was off but I turned on the radio and it was 105 degrees.  Due to the massive heat wave we have going up here the training is having to slow down, I really don’t feel like dieing on the streets of DC.  So what is the best way to get a good workout other than running, or inside on the trainer which can be boring as crap, well yoga.  I have always seen so many yoga studios, hot yoga, and all things yoga.  It was not till after I watched a documentary about it that I learned the true meaning of yoga, to find God.  I don’t know if this is the meaning over in the US anymore but in India, Thailand, and other Asian countries this is why people do it.  I tried it out again the other night, with the reason that the Asian countries do yoga in mind, and it was amazing.  I got done with the one hour session and felt uphoric, almost high (which I was not at all).  I think that I am hooked.  What a way to relax, unwind, stretch out your whole body and mind, and to get a nice little workout in as well.  So, check out this site, it is the one that I use for free yoga sessions.

So, until the next time you read, stay cool, enjoy life, and BE HAPPY!


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