Friday and Alarm Clocks

Holy cow, getting everything squared away for the NYC triathlon is making me tired, I see what Matt Miller was saying.  I have not been sleeping well, sleeping through 4 alarm clocks and not training as much as I want to, which is all the time.  Due to this alarm clock nonsense, I need some help here.  I need to know what is the loudest, most annoying alarm clock there is out there, and I NEED it! Luckily today is Friday and I am going to do what I never do on the weekends, and have not done in years, turn all alarm clocks off, watch alarms, and sleep in tomorrow.  It might sound crazy but I really have not done this in years, and I think that my body is telling me right now I have to have that.  As far as the training, today at lunch will be a nice paced 4ish mile run, just to get out in the heat and out of the cold office,and then who knows, maybe a trainer session tonight after work.  Tomorrow’s going to be a fun man day with Daniel, my one great friend up in DC who likes to go with the flow, just like me.  One week out from the NYC race and old friends, and new friends, are going to be up there to watch and I can not wait to see them!!

Stay cool, be real with yourself, and be happy… until next time, smile and pass it on!


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