Free the Mind

With so much on ones mind, some things seem to fall into place and make all the minds thoughts disappear.  For me, it’s training.  Getting on the bike and hammering it, or hitting the road and pushing it.  There is something about it, knowing that at that time in place, nothing but the workout is on my mind, the pace, the distance, the beauty that I am surrounded by.  Feeling free and letting my mind not think about things that hurt, sadden, or make me madder than hell.  The happy place is where more people should be daily.  If this were to happen, the world would be a lot nicer, calmer, and more relaxed.  Find your happy place today, enjoy it, and when something comes into your life today that you feel is overwhelming, go to your happy place and enjoy the sites, the smells, and the sounds that fill that time.

All I have to say is that come Sunday, on race day, Shane and I are going to kill it!


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