Traveling weekend

With the weekend almost here, my legs are ready for battle.  It is going to be a very hot and humid race but it will be worth every second.  Training for this race, I have come to realize that I want to do this more, guide visually impaired people so they can achieve goals just like I do.  It makes me want to train harder, longer, more, because I know that I am not just training for myself, but for someone else to finish their goal as well.  It is amazing to know that when I get done this weekend, I will be ready for the next guiding experience.  Who knows what it will be but I will get to meet a lot of visually impaired athletes in the DC area to train with and to race with.  A fun weekend is on the horizon and I can’t sit still and I am ready for go.

Enjoy the weekend and check facebook for pictures on the way up and while at the race.  Enjoy the weekend, enjoy life, and be happy!


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