NYC Baby

C Different weekends are intense, tiring, and most importantly fun as shit!  We left DC Friday at 12 pm, arrived in NYC that night nine hours later, traffic is not fun on 95 on friday afternoons, if you guys don’t know.  After a little sleep, Saturday came around. It started off with a nice run with a buddy from Texas through Central Park, which lead to us getting lost but banditing a 4 mile race with 8,000 people running.  We got all the bikes to the transition after test riding and then off to dinner, and a bit of beers.  Long story short about that night, 3 beers after training all day long, meeting people from DC in the YMCA we were staying in, and bed at midnight.  Sunday, race day, started at 3:30 am with a coffee from a stand still open from the night before outside.  Our heat went off at 7:03 am with all the blind athletes.  What a morning of racing.  The swim, flawless, the bike, long and hot, the run, even hotter.  Our finishing time was 3:13.  It was a great time for Shane, the blind athlete I was guiding, since it was his first International Distance tri.  A weekend of fun ended after the race for the ride back.  Leaving at 3 pm and not getting into bed till about 1 am.  I will describe more later, not it is time for work.

Have a great day everyone and remember to have fun and be happy!


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