After a great Thursday night, the weekend is almost here. Time to get my stuff together, regroup, recover, and continue the training. I got an email yesterday about guiding again next month.  So, if it works out, look out Canada, I am coming to enjoy your beauty next month.  I really feel blessed to have the opportunity to help someone accomplish their goal where they couldn’t without me.  I have a great ability to push myself, whether that be going super fast or any other pace, and I want to use that to help others. After talking to a friend last night, they made me realize that visually impaired people have to have someone train with them and it takes so much time.  We thought about what all goes into just training, having to have someone pick you up to go swimming, not being able to meet you there, finding someone to do your long rides and runs with you.  I truly feel that everyone who does triathlons, marathons, 5 or 10k’s should guide at one point in their life.  You will really see what we take for graite, and to the people who don’t do anything active, these guys are wanting to but can’t since they can’t just get up off the couch and go for a run outside.  You have the chance to and you are not, shame on you.  Think about that shit today.

Enjoy the day, do something that makes you smile, hug someone that you know, and get up off your ass and do something for someone else!


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