More is better, right?

So over the weekend, I have decided to do more races than expected this year.  I entered one more tri, in S. Carolina, which is great because staying in Wilmington, I get to see my boys again! Might call for a long night or two. Then a friend asked me to pace them to get into Boston,and of course I said yes.  So, with all the training, traveling to visit friends, and oh yea work also, I am going to be on the road and loving it. I met a lot of new people in the DC area that I am SO excited that I have met.  It seems like DC is a pretty cool place once you start to meet people that like to do what you like to do, even if you can only see some of them once and a while.  Thanks to one friend I have met, they have introduced me to the DC Tri Club and it looks like a lot of fun will be had with that crew.  Things are great, training is great, life is great, everything is going GREAT if you can’t tell.  Not to worry, I am living my life and having some fun.

Live life, be happy, stay healthy, and eat cookies!…


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