Belize anyone?

So tomorrow morning I am heading out for Belize, to experience Ben and Liz getting married.  I am so excited for them and to be able to be there on their BIG day.  It is going to be an interesting adventure, two nights, I am having to find a place to stay, hopefully in a tent somewhere.  Good friends are hard to find, and then when you find them, the adventures that are experienced are that much better.  I have come to realize this, whether it is talking on the phone, going for a run, sitting in the car, sitting in a random dive bar drinking a glass of wine, good friends help make your day go by with a smile.  Just look at tonight for me, I have to get everything ready for the wedding, pack, get the speakers for the music, but the first thing I am going to do is go for a swim with my buddy.  I have something to look forward to and with a great friend, the day is lived for that moment.  Do you ever have that moment when a friends company is what helps you make it through that day, and no a friend is not considered alcohol or ice cream.

Well now that i am meeting new friends, great friends, I am having a better time in DC.  It feels like I am so busy all the time, work, training, and friends. I love feeling like that. My dad once told me that if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. That is so right!

So everyone, have a great weekend, Back from Belize on Monday night late and then back to the grind on Tuesday.  Pray that I find a place to stay, in a tent, and that the weather for the wedding will be wonderful.  To my friends I will miss you guys while I am gone.  😉

Stay strong, be happy, smile, and drink your water daily…


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