Back and busy

So I got back from Belize from a wonderful wedding with old friends, new friends, and friends I will never forget.  There is something about a wedding that brings people together in the best place while watching the friends become one.  It is amazing.  I got back a day early and had a wonderful trivia night, where for once, we did not end up in dead last place.

Things have happened as you guys may know but since then, I have so much going on, it is actually kind of crazy.  So many trips, so many races, so many friends visiting, and I love it.  Sometimes you have to take a look back at your current life and thank God for blessing you with what you have.  I do this every day, so happy to be where I am at, crazy as it may sound right now.

Many ideas have popped into mylittle head lately, and two things come to mind and I want to share:1. I have fallen in love with DC: friends, activities, the culture, it will be good for a bit, 2. I love running: I knew this a long time ago but someone didn’t like me doing it so much, but now, it’s my favorite thing to do.  The thought of doing a 100 miler next year is definetly in the thoughts and wants.

So, keep strong, be happy, and pray…


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