Keep Running and Running

Oh man, what can I say, the running blues are back in me.  I have not felt this great in some time.  Getting off of work and adventuring around for miles and miles is always fun.  Today was a great 9 miler with some friends to catch up since it has been a while.  Yesterday was 10 miles at a chill little trail along the river, super relaxing and a great day to run.  Getting back into running has made me see a lot of things about myself are great.  I have come to a lot of great conclusions over the years while running, some of the long runs consisted of me thinking things that would, and should, never happen. (believe me on this one)

So today some things came up and some prayers are needed for me.  Everything is good, actually everything is great.  Not going to say anything about it but when you get to a fork in the road, which way to you go?  Well if it was a trail, hit up both sides, but in life is it that way too?

So I leave you with this one; be strong, keep going, and never give up…


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