Same but New

Oh man, so oversleeping is never good, especially when you sleep through 5 alarms.  I think that staying up so late every night is getting to me.  I have a hard time sleeping and getting comfortable so yea.  Anyways, enough about random sleeping schedules…

As always I am going to tell you about the previous day I lived, but on this one, things are different.  Yesterday was the day off for the week with training.  Work was same ol’ same ol’, but then after work, that is when I had the best time.  Cooking has always been fun to me, except when I did it for work.  The it sucked, I didn’t want to do it since I did it all day long for other people.  Getting back to cooking is super exciting.  I hate cooking for myself so my friend has been coming to eat and I love cooking for other people.  My buddy is actually stoked that I cook, they love getting free meals, and at the same time, I love cooking them.  I now see what the cooks on the televison are talking about and how they are so stoked about cooking, it is relaxing, exciting, and fun with good company talking with you while you cook.

So Daniel gave me this book about running, Born To Run and I can’t put it down.  It is about an ancient Mexican running tribe that still exist today.  Crazy as it may sound, they run with slippers on their feet.  Many people have read the book and then bought 5 finger shoes, Daniel is one of them.  He has been telling me to try them and I have resisted on buying a pair and trying them….until I read this book.  It makes since, why have shoes become so expensive, why can’t we just have a almost nothing shoe on our feet and run like the people have over the past thousands of years? Something to think about there, and yes Daniel, I am going to be buying a pair soon.

So today is a gift, enjoy it, live it up, enjoy the company you have with you, like it or not, and smile, pass it on and remember; Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog, he was a good friend of mine.


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