Weekend Fun

So last night I went to the DC Tri happy hour and met some super cool people.  It is always good to sit there and talk about things that you love doing outside of the 9-5 that we call work.  It was good to actually get out and meet new people solo and get back into that.

Anyways, riding up to the place it was cloudy, then about a mile away, the bottom dropped from the sky.  I have never ridden through rain that bad in my life, not to mention my jacket was in the backpack because when I left the sun was out.  You get to a point that you have to just say screw it, I’m wet and going faster is not going to help me out.  So getting to the bar, wet, and knowing that I had a fun run afterward was a grand time.

As far as running goes this week, I  have stepped it up and pushing the legs to see what they still have, and they like it.  My body needs sleep though, good thing the weekend is almost here.

Monday- 10 miles

Tuesday-9 miles

Wednseday- rest

Thursday- 9 miles with Daniel, speed workout

Friday- need to get in 8

Saturday- another rest day

Sunday- long run of at least 14 miles

A busy running week but I want more. I am still looking for that job where all you have to do is run, I am thinking that there needs to be more shoe tester jobs!

Until the next time you read the blog, have fun, be happy, stay true to yourself, and drink beers.


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