Headaches and Trails

Holy cow, that a great weekend!  After upping the miles running this week, from about 25 miles a week to over 50 miles, the legs are sore.  I thought they were going to be more sore but they are actually feeling okay considering the double days of 11 miles over the weekend.  On the long run yesterday, I ventured onto some single track trails.  I love going into the trails and just exploring and exploding on dirt.  There is something about being out in the woods that makes running fun again.  Running on the roads gets so boring so trails are where the magic happens.  I think that the legs are also sore from dancing. Yes, I actually went out dancing over the weekend.  I was only going to go for a little bit and leave by midnight.  But at around 2:15am, I was just leaving the club.  Then, nobody was out in DC so I decided to take the long way home and just cruise around on the bike.  Fun times in a city when nobody is out and it is just you and the bike.  Talking about Sunday though was a different headache, the hangover headache.  Man, for someone that does not drink that much, I drank a bit too much on Saturday night and Sunday was filled with Advil, water, and sweat, the best hangover cure.  On the run though, it took about 4 miles to get warmed up, by that I mean for the damn headache to go away.  Met some cool, fun, people on Saturday night and had a killer time.  Who knows, maybe dancing is a new thing for me… We will see.

One more week then the beach; sun, sand, surf,running, and a lot of driving!  Emerald Isle, here we come


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