Random Blabbering

The start of the week was going smooth, a nice long day at work, busy but good, then I checked the mail after doing some yoga last night and what was in the mail… A jury summons. I have never received one before so I went online and filled out the questionnaire to see if I was going to have to do it, and I guess my answers were right and I am on jury duty next month, fun stuff.  So, other than that last night was killer, Born to Run is still an amazing book and love every page of it.  I have not been watching the telly at all lately, just reading and doing this makes me sleep a lot better, go to bed earlier, and then wake up refreshed and ready to start the day.

This morning was actually kind of awkward, I walked Maui as usual and then while walking through the grass outside of my house, I felt something smooth and soft under my slipper, yes, it was dog poop.  Nothing says good morning like stepping in dog poop at 5:30 am.  None on the feet so that was the good part.

Day 2 of wearing the Vibrams, and LOVE them! They make my feet feel like I’m walking barefoot and nothing feels better than walking barefoot. I am thinking about trying them for a run tomorrow night, just a slow jog and a short distance to get the feet use to them.  I have been wearing them for only 2 days but I would totally recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Today is going to be good, make it a good day and smile at everyone and someone will smile back at you… Drink water, it’s hot!


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