Beach Weekend

So the beach weekend is almost here, two more days.  It is going to be a long drive down and back up to DC but with good company in the car and the salt air already in my lungs, coming back will be the hardest part.  Over the past couple of days, I have sat back and thought about things; thought about the church, prayer, as well as running (of course).  You hear people always say that things happen for a reason, right.  Well the reason is always clear later in life and you have to remember that.  Through prayer, you can know that things will be better later in life, that later might be the next day, the next month, or even a year later.  But, you have to believe.  It brings me to the Trysports logo, believe and achieve.  That is so true on so many bases.  With the weekend almost here and that is the time when people usually act differently, stop and think about it, are you doing the right thing?


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