Almost Here!

So the beach weekend is almost here and I can’t wait to see my friends from NC again!! I miss you guys a lot up here in DC! With new friends meeting old friends, it is going to be a great weekend.

I had to get one run in early so I was not always running while at the beach.  Last night I did a 8 miler, 1.5 mile warm up chill pace(8:00) then tempo run for 5 miles (6:45 pace) then another 2 miles of cool down (8:00 pace).  Thanks to Daniel, I had ice cold water the whole way, he was my bike pacer/ water handler.  I had never been through the Georgetown University campus until last night when we went through it.  Not only is that a great school, it is a great place to run.  There are so many hills and you know it is a killer hill when your friend on the bike says, man these are some pretty big hills.  As I was running up there, trying not to throw up the bean dinner I had eater a couple hours earlier, I just replied, shut up no talking.  I never to that, I am always talking but during the tempo, hills are a challenge.  I did what any person who loves to run would do, sprinted up the hills.  Not knowing that the entire campus was on an uphill, I was dead after that and still have more miles to put in.  The challenges in life make us stronger!

With the rain storms out there now, I am out. Have a great day until tomorrow. Make it a great day, smile, and meet someone new today! And don’t forget you have the opportunity to decide if you are in a good mood or a bad mood, make the right choice!


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