After  a super fun and relaxing weekend in Emerald Isle, NC reality has set back in.  I thought that getting back into the city of DC would be bad, not wanting to return but when I started getting closer and closer to the city, I started to get more and more excited.  I don’t know if it was the bed that was calling my name or the actual city, but it is good to get back to it.  If you know me, I would have never said that 5 years ago, but things change and they always change.

After thinking about that, I went to look at a new place to live last night.  It is so much cheaper and it would be living with three other people my age so a new place to live and meeting new people would be great.  I hear back by Friday if I got it and then would be moving in about two weeks to the new house.  Not to mention, it is almost on Capital Hill and away from the ghetto where I live.

The running this morning has hopefully got me back into early morning running rather than working all day long and then running when I get home, it is super hot then and I am overall beat.  Well I have to head to the Columbia store today to get some work done on their computers there and also to see the place and take some pictures for the site.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone and make someone’s day today, buy someone random a drink.  It will shock them and hopefully they will pay it forward.


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