And then?

So not too much has been happening up here in DC since I have been back from the beach weekend.  We have another round of weather today; how much rain can we really get in a one month period? I mean for real, every week it rains so much. I guess global warming is on top of DC. who knows?

A new house might be in the works now. I went to check out a place the other night and it seems like a great place to live.  There would be a couple people in the house all around my age so that would be perfect, meet some new people, and have a new place to live.

The running is still going great. I love very minute of it. This week is a chill week, only getting up to around 35 miles, which is good but I want more.  I always want more running.  Yoga is also going to happen a lot more now.  I need a place where I can relax and just get into the mind and breathing to slow things down a bit.

The weekend is going to be chill, little long runs and then just relaxing.  And for me relaxing means getting outside and exploring.  Hopefully there will be no rain so Maui and I can go for a hike on Saturday then a much needed Church on Sunday.

Have a great week everyone, sorry for the random post if you are reading this but not too much is going on right now up here. Explore the surroundings around you before you explore the world. So much is right around you!


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