Weekend, what what…

For goodness sakes, the weekend is almost here.  It has been a long, but fast week, which should make for a long weekend, right?  Work is super busy right now which is always good and the running is super fun, as always.  Last night I went running through Georgetown and got lost but it was the good kind of lost.  Sure I added a couple extra miles in, with some gnarly hills, but seeing what I saw, it was well worth it.  So many old houses, plantation style tucked back in a busy city in their own little area of town.  Not to mention seeing GTown hospital and probably the entire campus.  Fun times= great memories.

So lately I have been listening to some slower tunes and really digging them (on the side note, I don’t know why I am writing about this one).  The guys at work think it is depressing and asked me how, after listening to the music all day long, do I not go home and commit suicide.  It is good solid music with real meaning.  Southern, bluegrass, almost hippy (okay well modern-day hippyish).  Solid music non the less.

With the weekend almost here, the fun times that will be had are going to be great.  Old friends plus new adventures makes a weekend seem forever.  Enjoy the ride this weekend and go to church, it helps.


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