I Got Nothin…

So it is now Saturday, and usually there are not any post on the weekend.  However, today is the chill day I have been thinking about for the past couple of weeks.  Even though it is the chill day, I am antsy and wanting to get out the door and do, well, everything.  Last night was a super fun night, core workout, movie, dinner and a couple beers with a friend and then a nice run through the Mall.  It was all lit up and super pretty.

Today has potential to be super fun.  I did a 3 mile five fingers run this morning to break those in more and cruised through the city on the fixie (always fun times).  Andrea is in town, an old neighbor from the WB and I am super stoked to chill with her and her friends and then hit up church tomorrow morning with them.

Oh yea!!! The movie last night was Into The Wild.  Freaking awesome movie and I am gussing every guys dream to get out of the place they are at in their life and just be.  I sure as hell know that is me right now.  I told my friend that they better make sure I don’t up and leave and follow the journey that he did.  So now it is back to reality, not adventureland ( I do want to live there one day, I think adventure land is in Colorado, I need to check on that).

Go have a blast this weekend and don’t forget to get to church tomorrow morning.  Enjoy, indulge and be happy!!!


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