Tuesday rain, again?

It seems like for the past three weeks it rains on Tuesday.  Oh well, at least it is not hot rain today.  The high is 74 degrees and with a run scheduled for after work, it is a perfect day to run.  Heck any day is a perfect day to run.  What more could you want, heading outside, enjoying nature, and seeing all the people out and about and wondering what they are thinking, where they are going?  It is much like a mystery novel when you run, trying to answer the questions of what they do for a living, how old they are, where they work, what they do for fun… Okay, that was totally random (my bad).

Yesterday, I finally transferred over to the dark site, the BlackBerry world.  And to be honest, I LOVE IT! I have all my music, all my work and personal email on it and it has a lot of things that I don’t know what the heck they are (that means I don’t touch it).  So now, it is trying to get back into the technology stages since I have to be near a computer at all times due to work.

Another random post, I know, it will be better tomorrow, hopefully.

Have a kick ass day, enjoy life, and dance in the rain!

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