Gargin from Yesterday

Alright, so it was a very weird day yesterday with work and then also the running.  At work, things just seemed to pile up fast. Once one things was done we realized that two more things have to be done with the last order for it to be finished.  This only happened about 15 times; I was ready to scream.  However, I did get certified in AESDirect for shipping internationally.  After taking the test, it seems like there is a lot to know about shipping products internationally, a lot more than one would think (Customs, import/ export taxes, addresses, names on products, location of manufacturer, it’s crazy).

Anywho, getting home from work and taking care of all my landlords animals and then my lil’ polar bear, it was time for a much needed run through the city.  I met up with Daniel to knock out his 3 miles which we killed, killer job Daniel!, and then I was off to GTown to finish my miles.  On the way home, the wind started to blow and I was thinking that is when the rain that was supposed to happen all day would come, when I am 5 miles away from the house.  But it only sprinkled and actually felt super nice out, 73 degrees and a light drizzle.  So on the way back to my house, the DC Scientology building is on my route.  There was a guy yelling at the top of his lungs at the building, not a homeless person, he was protesting solo, with a sign that said DANGER Scientology.  Now you can look at this two ways, 1. he is super crazy and he needs meds, or 2. he has a big set of balls to stand out there and protest by himself and not care about what anyone else thinks.  I am going to with number two.  He is doing what we wish we could do, or some might have done, stand up for something that you are passionate about and not care about what anyone else thinks, and not to mention in the middle of the most powerful city in the world.  Crazy times but super fun run.

With a long week coming to an end soon, come on Friday, have a great rest of the week.  Enjoy the weather, enjoy nature and most importantly enjoy your life.  You only live once but if you play your cards right, once is all you need.  Do WORK as Luke Donley would say, Do Work my friends.


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