Sunday Funday

OH man, well my Sunday Funday started at 6:30 am this morning with a tour of DC on an 18 mile run.  Many shot outs to my buddy who was my cheering squad and water person for the last 7 miles! Dude, you saved me.  It was super hot by the end of the run but overall not a bad run.

Things over the weekend were okay, just a normal ol’ weekend in the city.  Dinner with friends, lunch with other friends, things were great this weekend.  A great man to man talk with Joe, a great friend to have!

With the summer coming to an end, and my marathon training still kicking in, Ironman training is starting to creep back into my brain.  With one week of rest between the marathon and the start of IM training, I started building my base again this weekend on the bike.  I have forgotten how fun it was to be on the bike.  So this week the biking continues, even if it is on the trainer watching stupid tv shows at 4 am before work.  And then next week, the swimming base begins as well.  A lot going on right now and loving every minute of it.  I hope everyone had an incredible weekend, and have a wonderful Monday!

Enjoy the day, enjoy your life, and most importantly, BE HAPPY!


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  1. This post is a bit old

    February 8, 2011 at 3:24 pm

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