I got it…

So after the weekend and doing a lot of thinking, I am getting in the Ironman mind frame again.  Also, congrats to my buddy Patrick Farwell who earned his spot in Kona this year from an awesome time in Louisville last weekend, 10:18! Put him 54th overall and 8th in his age.  Dude, you killed it.

After hearing about that, and getting on the bike again, it is back in my head.  November 21st starts the training plan.  I am now just cruising, still running every day but switching to cross training three days a week to get solid base down for the real training.  Beach to Battleship is coming into my head again as well.  I want to go back to Wilmington to do it next year.  While training last time, I had a gnarly fall which led me to pulling out of the race. I need to get back there and kill it since I didn’t get to last time.

It is almost September and I can’t believe it, time really does fly when you are having fun.  The summer is over, and now all that is left for the year is snow, which I hope it is not like last season.  If it is, automatically moving!

Have a great Tuesday everyone and be safe.  Fear nothing and remember, pain builds character, and also pain is fear leaving the body.


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