Hump Day randomness

Well what a week it has been already, when it rains it pours.  A lost has happened over the past three days and things are hitting a rough patch.  Not to worry, things will be better, I just need to keep telling myself that.  Life goes on.

Oh a much happier not, the weekend is almost here, well today is hump day so that means the weekend is on the horizon.  With the huricane coming closer to North Carolina, I hope everything is going to be okay for my friends in the WB! This is one of those weekends where lifeguards are needed.  If you are heading to the beach, don’t be stupid, swim near a lifeguard.  And to all my buddies who are lifeguards, I hope for a save and uneventful weekend, but we both know that might not happen (it never happens on major weekends).

It is always good to get back to what you love, and for me running is that love.  I have been in training now for 4 weeks, full on, for my marathon.  With that comes time on the road.  And time on the road in DC is always a funny site.  I went on a 9 miler yesterday and got lost in Georgetown but it was fun, there are so many beautiful places up there, one day I should move there.  That one day will be the day after I win the lottery, it is expensive.

Another random post, but enjoy.  Have a great day to all and have a wonderful hump day.  And if you are around Kensington, MD, bring me coffee!


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