The day

So everyone has those days where nothing seems to go right, well mine was yesterday.  With a lot on my plate at work and at home, the only thing I wanted to do last night was head home from work and do nothing.  Well thanks for a nice little Asian man who decided to hold hostage the Discovery Channel building, it took me an hour and fifteen minutes to get home, I only live 12 miles from work!  In the end I heard everyone was safe except for the Asian man.  Driving to work this morning, I drove right by the building, which is my normal way to and from work, and there were still so many cops there, the front door road blocked off and police tape everywhere.  What a crazy happening.

Well today is a sprint workout day on the track.  Instead of the track, Daniel and I found a nice, flat 1 mile loop down on the mall.  So, after work, in the stupid hot humidity, I will be doing my track workout for the week.  And yes, Saturday will be a long bike ride.  I have been lacking on the bike riding but need to get back into it.  The trainer is going to be dusty now, and thus, me having to buy a new tire for it since I have been riding the trainer over the winter and during the extremely hot summer we have been having here.

Well all, have a great day.  And remember to drink your water and swim near a lifeguard if you are going to the beach.  Actually don’t swim at all, don’t put yourself in danger!


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