Aloha Friday

So my aloha Friday started out by pain, sharp pain in the left calf muscle.  I was out on a run yesterday, a quicker pace than normal, but not a tempo, just cruising through the city when all of a sudden it felt like I had been shot in the back of the leg.  I stopped and massaged it thinking it was a cramp coming on.  I never get cramps, knocking on wood right now, but it felt like a cramp that just needed to happen and be over.  Well, the cramp never came and I ended up walking a half mile back home, which I never do.  So I massaged it last night, wrapped it up and thought this morning things would be back to normal.  Little did I know, it would feel the same when I put my foot on the ground this morning.  I am hoping that it is a cramp that is just waiting for the perfect time to happen and it is not something else. I am hoping that it will clear up soon, I am guiding a 20 mile training run on Sunday and need for no pain as I will endure pain on that day from going 20 miles.

Another thing about aloha Friday that you have to do is share your aloha spirit.  Well, on the way to work this morning I was coming over a hill and there was a car stopped in the middle of the road with no power,  you have to think, it was still dark.  Her car was totally dead and I thought I needed to try to help out.  My  high school auto mechanic teacher would have been proud.  After trying to jump the car, I realized that her car was completly dead and I could not help.  So I left her there with the cops and headed to work.

So show your aloha today, do one thing that will help someone while not thinking about yourself.  Enjoy the day and the Labor Day weekend.


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