Labor Day

It is now Monday, Labor Day, last weeks worries, emotions are out of the window and a new week is upon us.  Over the weekend, it seemed like my entire last week did, one thing after another of things that happen to me.  Where to begin, well last week overall was pretty stressful, and then the weekend got here.  So on Saturday I decided to return the movies that I rented the night before at the Redbox.  It was early in the morning, just a nice little cruise through town, nothing big, on my fixie.  Well on the way back, about a mile from home, I flatted.  Flats are not that big of a deal, right? Well, when you are not carrying a spare, and you are in a bad part of town, it makes for an interesting walk back to the house.  So I made it back home and took the tire off to check the tube and tire, well the tire was dry rotted.

So I go to the bike shop and get a new tube, tire, and get the old bike up and running.  After that I head to the pool for a long swim in the hot sun, which was awesome by the way! After swimming my buddy and I talk about a bike ride the next day in preperation for his tri next weekend.  Well we are right around the Washington Monument, and remember this is Saturday afternoon on a holiday weekend, so there are visitors everywhere.  Well my freaking bike pedal falls off of the fixed gear in the middle of traffic.  I save the fall and fix the pedal and head home.  I get home and need a new tire for my Cervelo, I was so freaking ready for that day to be over.

Sundays ride went perfect, just cruising through the woods and loving it, I have missed that and want it back.  I liked it so much that I think I am going to be going out solo today for a ride.  Well it is Labor Day but I am doing work from the house today to catch up on the weeks events.  Have a great day off everyone and happy Monday.


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