Monday Already

Well Monday is finally back.  A long weekend but a great one at that.  A buddy and his fiance came into town on Friday night to help out with the triathlon in DC which is always fun.  Saturday consisted of volunteers at the bike check in for the tri which is always fun, seeing all the nice bikes, in shape people, and helping first timers with all their questions.  I love helping others out in the sport that I love.  I was like a kid at a candy store check out all the bikes at the check in and the new bikes at the expo.  And then on Sunday, the day of the tri was just a chill day.  I ended up waking up and feeling like poop.  The changing of the weather plus the rain and cold weather called for a sleeping in session with a long run with Daniel in the afternoon.  I decided to run his pace with him on the 16 mile journey.  It ended up being hard for both of us but a solid run at that.  Well it looks like Raleigh is on next weeks plans so we will see what has changed in Raleigh since last Thanksgiving, I am guessing nothing.  Family time is much needed.

Have a good Monday and just think, it is almost the weekend… kind of… well maybe not but make it a great day!

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