Fun Weekend

After another solid weekend in Raleigh this past weekend, driving back to DC was hard.  It is always hard to leave the ones you love and miss and heading back to such a busy city is pretty hard.  The weekends fun consisted of a nice little dinner Friday night with a friend and then an all day football watching with the boys on Saturday.  Saturday night was the white trash party and it was killer.  Pictures will be on Facebook soon so check them out, fun times were definitely had by all.  Some of us, a little too much, hence the picture of me eating an entire pizza not cut up at 3:00am Sunday morning.

Over the weekend, a lot was thought about.  Some things are set in stone and some are not.  Being back in DC last night made me realize just how much my friends and family mean to me and how far away I am from them.  I want them in my life for good, not just on trips back to NC.  The ride back was depressive, dreary and then when I got back last night, nothing but rain and cold.  I have manned up and gotten my stuff together and a plan is taking place as you read this (if people actually read this).

With all that being said, have a killer day.  Enjoy the life you have and the people in your life, take nothing for granted, and be happy!


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