Hump Day Fun

It is finally hump day, my friends are in town, life is good!  After returning from the country on Sunday, some things have come clear to me. I am not going to say them just yet but I’m feeling the country back in my bones, where they should not have ever left in the first place.

So this week is pre Ironman World Championships and seeing all the pictures, talking with the boys out there, I really wish I was there this week and for sure on Saturday.  I will be following all of them on the computer at our all day/night showing of it at my house.  If you want to come, come on and join us.  Be prepared though, there is going to be some working out involved while the race is going on, motivation at it’s finest.  Well with the weekend almost here, it is one more closer to heading to South Carolina the next weekend to see my best friend.  It will also be my birthday weekend and what a good way to spend it, with my best friend and his family! Until the next writing, I hope you enjoy the video that is in my mind right now. 


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