IM Fever

A late post today, I have been slammed since I got back to work on Monday morning.  Well, last night was awesome!  It is so good to see friends and to hang out and just chill, no going out, no dressing up, just cruising and watching a movie, old school style.  With the 2010 World Championship Ironman, I have IM fever.  And that is good, since I have one early next year and training is going to start soon.  I am so looking forward to pounding out the miles in some hills, cold, maybe even snow.  You have to push yourself in life to get where you want to go.

This quote is one that I live by, and love actually,” Nothing in life comes for free, you have to work for it!”  With that being said, do something, get up off your butt, which I know you are right now, and sign up for a race, go for a run, bike ride, take the dog for a walk.  Just do something, it will make you happy, and who knows, you might meet a new friend while you are out.  Until the next time you read this random azz blog, enjoy the day, enjoy the sunshine and enjoy your life!


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