Run and Fun

So this week is going super fast, work is busy so that makes for an easy week, especially when I am heading to South Carolina on Friday for the weekend(bought a plane ticket for my birthday to visit Peter).  I can’t wait for the weekend, I finally get to see my best friend and his family after 2 years, way way too long.  And then the next weekend, Joe Nichols in concert in Virginia.  It has been way too long since I have been to a country concert and I can’t wait to go see him.

Also this week some big decisions are going to be taking place, wish me some luck.  If you don’t know what it is, you will soon enough, hold your breath.  Well the running plan is still going strong but I am feeling out of shape, and like I am gaining some weight, which is good but at the same time feeling slow.  The numbers are not showing it so maybe this was a sign to up my race weight.

Anyways, here is a video to get you through the day.  I love this so enjoy and I will let you know about the news when I know more.


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