So I don’t like to advertise my birthday but it is coming up, this Saturday actually.  I can’t wait for my personal trip for my birthday.  A couple months ago I decided that I didn’t want to be solo on my birthday so I bought a plane ticket and I am going to Spartanburg, South Carolina.  You might think why would I go there, but my best friend in the world lives there with his wife and little boy.  I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday than with them.  I have not seen them in over two years, way too long, but now is the time to go.  I need him right about now.

On a different note, things are great right now.  With work and training I don’t have a lot of extra time but I am spending it with friends and it is great.  It is turning cool up here in DC already and that is not good, to early for that.  I need heat, which is good because to kick off my Ironman Utah training I am going to Kona, Hawaii for Thanksgiving this year which should be awesome! I can’t wait to get back out here and see my friends (which are like my Hawaii family).

My friend Stephanie told me about these quotes and I hope it gives you a laugh like it gave me when she told me these:

1. Save a bike, ride a triathlete

2. If your relationship is working, you could be training harder.

3. Just because I’ll have sex with you, doesn’t mean I will train with you.

4. Not tonight honey, I have to race tomorrow.


They are a bit random but I hope they give you a little chuckle to help pass some time at work.  Happy  Thursday everyone, Friday is almost here!

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