Almost here

Alright, so the weekend is almost here and I can’t wait.  I have never thought that I would be a weekend warrior, but that is what I have turned out to be.  You know you are a weekend warrior when your friends ask you where you are going this weekend.  Not this weekend, I am staying in DC for once.  I am actually super stoked about the weekend in DC, Friday night a run through the city, then Saturday either a longish bike ride or a short run and enjoying the sun and then that night dinner and a country concert!  And then Sunday church and then a long run, my last long run before the taper begins.  A 20 mile run around the city should be a great way to end the weekend, except for the bbq Sunday night with some friends for my birthday, that is the best way to end a weekend and start a week if you ask me.


So things are great, I am happy, and things are going smoothly.  That is what matters.  Here is something to think about: If you could move to anywhere in the world, not thinking about adult things here like jobs and money, where would you go and why?  Ponder that one for today and see how your day goes.


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