Weekend of Fun

What a great freaking weekend!  The weekend started off with a nice little 40 mile bike ride.  It was a bit chilly, only 40 degrees at the start of  the ride, but it ended up being a solid nice ride.  A great time to catch up with friends and to get some fitness in as well.  That night was amazing also, dinner then a concert.  I didn’t know that the concert was going to be all acoustic but it ended up being great.  There were not a lot of people there, only about 100 people, so we got right up close to the stage and had a good ol’ time.  Sunday was a very chill day, sleeping in (8:30am, that’s sleeping in for me) and then my last long run before taper starts today.  And for dinner, some friends were randomly in town so seeing them for dinner was great.

So it is now Monday and my schedule is booked solid until Thursday, which is always a good thing.  Things are great, life is good, and good times are being found all around.  Have a great week everyone and stay happy.  Do the things you love, the things that make you happy, and enjoy life, it is too short to live unhappy.

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