Weekends lead to Mondays

Oh man, so it is Monday again.  With such a great weekend, how can Monday come so soon.  Well the weekend entailed a lot of fun activities.  On Saturday, I had a nice little run through the mall where the rally was and at 6:30am, the people were already flocking to the rally.  Daniel had a killer breakfast and then they proceeded to go to the rally and I think that I was one of the five people that did not go to the rally that live in DC.  Too many people and I had no idea what the rally was about so I just chilled and relaxed outside since the weather was oh so perfect.  Sunday was another busy day with crowds everywhere, the Marine Corp Marathon was going on.  A friend was doing the race so we followed her around the city at different points to help cheer her on and take pictures of her.  What a great time, marathons are super fun to go to, everyone out on the streets and cheering for random people.  Got to love that.  I also tried a new church on Sunday which was wonderful.  I am going to go again next week, it was much like my church growing up so that is always good.

It appears that my little brother and his girlfriend will be coming up next weekend so that should be another fun filled weekend, then the next weekend is my marathon so a busy couple of weeks are in store.  It has been a wonderful weekend but reality sets in and work is what Monday holds now.  Have a great week everyone!

Test yourself every day!


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