All Smiles

Ah yes, almost to hump day, or whiskey Wednesday depending on your outlook for the beginning of the week.  Well, later night was exactly what was needed after a super busy and fun weekend, a night to relax and just lay around.  What more could anyone want on a Monday night?  I had the pleasure of talking with the neighbor last night for a bit and it is always good to know your neighbors, even in a city.  She said something to me that made me feel really good, she asked what had happened to me? I seem so happy lately and always smiling.  The way I look at it, you can make it a great day or you can make your day swallow you.  Another thing she said was that she could not wait to meet my brother and tell him about me and how I am helping out the neighborhood.  Those two things made me feel so great.  I am happy and I love helping out in the neighborhood.  Also last night, I had the abilities to pass out some of my old clothes to a neighbor that is less fortunate than I am.  I think he lives in the ally but he is a great guy and he was super stoked to get a couple long sleeve collared shirts.  It feels good to help out others when they least expect it.

With another busy day today, tonight’s run with Yuneng will be much-needed.  The runs are getting shorts as my taper leads closer and closer to race day.  The weekend is getting closer by the day and I can’t wait to pick up my little bro and his girlfriend on Friday night and hang out with them all weekend long.  A lot of biking and museums are going to fill the weekend.  If anyone is around and wants to hit up the museums and biking in the cold, we would love to have you join us.

To all, have a wonderful day.  Smile and pass it along.  You have the choice to make it a great day, so do it!


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