On the go

Weekend, you are almost here, thank goodness.  Friday is coming tomorrow and I can’t wait, not only is it the weekend and one more week closer to the race, but my little bro and his girlfriend are coming to visit tomorrow night.  I can’t wait to show them around the most powerful city in the world.  Wow, I have never really thought about it like that, that Washington, DC is the most powerful city in the world, but it is.  It is nuts to think about how many countries depend on Washington.  Okay enough of the blabber…

Only a couple more weeks until Hawaii and I could not be more excited.  The hot weather, perfect water, and being back on a board in the Pacific is going to be perfect winter time trip.  I just hope that when I get back there is not snow everywhere and it is below freezing every day(which I am guessing that one will be true).  Buy anyways, it should be a solid family trip.

The past week has flown by and that is a great thing but you realize that when you get older, the weeks go by much faster and you are more busy all the time.  Well, at least I have found that out.  If feels like I have not had time to sit back and relax but I love being on the go and doing as much as I possible can in one day.  I am getting out and trying new places to eat, seeing new areas around the city and love love that! I said it, I love seeing city, you can quote me on that (just remind me in 20 years I said it).  Embassy row is amazing, all the countries and history there.  On thing to know, if you walk past one of the embassy’s at night, the one with the red lights in the doorway, and see people in shadows of the front door, they are not real people, found that out after staring at it for a while last night.

Well to all, have a great rest of the week, an awesome weekend, and fun times in whatever you are doing.  Also, pray for the Irons family, Andy Irons, a pro surfer, dies two days ago in a hotel room in Texas.  He was one of my idols and it is sad to know the surfing community has lost a great brother.


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