Marathon Coming Soon!

So the last week of taper is upon me.  Daniel and myself will be running the Richmond Marathon this Saturday morning.  With taper finally in the last week, looking back I am beginning to think that the race will be a fun one.  With my secret time in my head, not on paper, I am feeling like it is attainable.  It is fast, but on race day I will use the Chrissie Wellington quote that I heard and it always comes to mind in races,”I will use every bit of strength I have and leave nothing in the tanks”.  That might not be the exact quote but you get the picture, nothing will be left in the tanks, I will push it hard and finish strong.

On a totally side idea, I watched 180 degrees South again last night and it is making me want to travel on a boat more and more every day.  To let the wind and the sails take me where I go.  Packed with a surfboard, a boat, my dog, and a traveling partner, I want to do it, get out on the sea and explore.   Nothing could be more peaceful than arriving at a place by boat and knowing that you worked to get there, not on a plane or a car, but you ended up at that place for a reason.  Waking up to the blue ocean, a sunrise and the open ocean… I need to stop right there or I will quit my job and be out, which is not the responsible thing to do, or is it?!?


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