A couple days out

Well we are a couple days out from marathon morning and the taper is in full effect.  If you have never done a taper, it is a process to get your body back to “normal” before a big race.  And this taper is going as planned, I feel fat, lazy, slow, out of shape, not soreness, and that is what it is supposed to feel like.  Even though I feel like a lazy slow person, my running this week is minimal.  Three miles on two days and then my last tempo run tonight of only 7 miles.   It sounds different to say that my run is only 7 miles but for the people that know me, 7 miles is just another short run.

Well, next week is going to be a nice relaxing week in order to start my training for IM the following week.  What a great way to start the IM training plan than in Hawaii! A week and a half before I fly out and I can’t wait.  It will be so nice to see everyone again and to see my little Hawaii family.  It has been way too long and great times should be had.

Have a great rest of the week everyone, and check Facebook for pictures from the race.


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