Almost here

The preparation and training have been done.  The day before a race is always interesting.  For me, it starts by thinking about all the miles that I have done, what conditions I have put my body through and what the race will feel like.  I know the what the race is going to feel like, it is going to be a hard, fast run with a lot of people all around which will help get through the wall, more on that later.  The training plan has gone pretty smooth, my highest milage week being not too long ago with 61 miles for the week.  It sounds like a lot but it was a fun, tiring week.  Through the training I have felt overall pretty darn good except for the past two weeks of taper in which my runs have felt like poo.  They are supposed to so that means the taper is working well.

So the “wall”, a place where you come to in a race that your body says no more.  The place where you hit it is different for everyone.  In the last long race, a 50 k(33 miles), it came right around mile 27.  So, hopefully that will happen again tomorrow since a marathon is only 26 miles (only…).

With the race tomorrow I know there will be a world wind of emotions tonight, thinking about if I trained enough, if I did enough tempo runs, what if something goes wrong.  For the last thought, I have three goals, one being achievable by which I have been training, the second being highly achievable, and the last is a goal that if everything comes together on race day, it will happen.  Well the half day of work today should go by fast and then off to Richmond with the crew.  Have a great weekend to all, won’t post at all this weekend so check FB for a time tomorrow for the race.  I hope everything comes together on race day and it is a super fast, fun race.

Happy Aloha Friday to all.


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