Rest, Recovery, and sleep

So it is now a couple days after my marathon and the soreness is still around but the happiness is still there.  Overall, a super fun race and with no experience at the marathon distance I did not know what I was in for.  I had done two 50k’s last year which was further than the marathon distance but I had never pushed myself just to complete 26.2 miles.

Race recap:  Well the starting gun went off and I was up front with the fast sub 3 hour group, there was not a lot of us but we all started together.  After the first half of the marathon, my split was 1:27.  Now if I could just keep that going, I was set.  The hill portion of the race was towards the end so I knew it would be hard but heck, I was half way done already, time to do work as Slow Jamz would say.  I got into a nice pack of guys, about 6 of us and we helped each other until about mile 22 when we all split up, some dropped off, some sped up and some just cruised at the same 6:40ish pace.  All was great until about mile 24 then I ran into the wall.  It wasn’t like my body was telling me to stop or my mind was either, it was my knee.  From having knee reconstruction in high school, I had to stop and bend my knee and stretch it out.  Looking at my watch my secret goal was not going to happen but a sub 3 hour was for sure going to happen.  I bent over, said a nice little prayer, and manned up and killed the last two miles, it helped that the last half mile was an all downhill.  Overall, I was stoked, I still am.  It was my first marathon and running it in under three hours was amazing.  Daniel killed his PR by 28 minutes!! It was great to finish running and jump on the sidelines and cheer on everyone else.  I had a killer support team and an amazing sidekick that found me in certain areas by surprise and helped me push it.  It was great to see where my body could go and then some.  I think that this might have to happen more…

Thanks for all the support and help through the training everyone.  Next up, Ironman St. George.


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