Welcome back

Alright, so it has been a while since I have been on here, vacation in Hawaii for a week really helped me with the cold weather that DC is having now.  Coming back to cold weather made me see how much fun I had in Hawaii.  Going on family trips sounds boring and lame but when you go to Hawaii to visit old friends, boring is out of the question.  We were there, staying with Rick and Stacy (best host ever!! and Maggie too), and saw so many things and did so much in the 5 days we were there.  I got to kick-start my training while I was out there too which is always good to do.   On the ride out there, I was sitting on the runway in San Fransisco and watching the people come on, two people looked familiar, they were to pro triathletes and it was pretty cool to see them on the flight.  I was kind of star struck but it was fun to see them.

So what did we do in Hawaii; Volcanos, beaches, valleys, sun (a whole lot of sun), running race up 3.2 miles( when I say up, it was straight up a volcano) then 3.2 miles right back down, Luau, cruised with friends, oh yea Thanksgiving meal!!

Okay, so this is it for now, not feeling up to typing a lot.  I got sick out there and it followed me back to DC.  Will write more later on and include pictures with later post.

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