Coldness and sickness

Alright, it has been a while since I have written something on here so here it goes.

Well I got back from Hawaii on Sunday afternoon, and then Sunday night I started to feel sick.  I started feeling sick when I was out in Hawaii and then when I landed in DC, it was full on sick.  I am beginning to think that it is an allergic reaction to coldness, or maybe politics, I am still trying to figure that one out.  With that being said, training has been slowly building back up.  I have learned that if you are sick, below the neck, i.e. coughing, you should not train only rest.  I am maturing in that aspect because five years ago, I would have said screw it and then today, I would have been in bed super sick.  One good thing though, the Barnes Boy Beard Off has started so at least my face will be warm for a couple of months.  It’s pretty crazy how my beard is red with gray in it, I guess that is my wisdom showing… Some may say stress, or getting old, but I am going with gray equals wisdom.

Since being back, work has been super stressful.  The customer complaint department, which is also me, has been open for business all day long.  It is hard coming back from a super chill place to having someone yell at you because their shoes did not get to them in two days when they are in California.  Oh well, it is part of my job description and I go with it for now.

Other than that, things are good up here in the DC area, except for the winter season that has dramatically swooped in and has decided to stay.  It is going to make for long ride Saturdays be pretty gnarly.  Well oh well, my trainer is going to get some use this winter time I do believe.

Well all, check back in a couple of days and have a great work week and and even better weekend.  Pound out some miles even if it is below freezing outside.

The Barnes Boys Beard Off day 1, shave day.


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