Ironman vs. Ultras

With the Ironman training underway a lot of talking to my ultra buddy, Matt, has been taking place.  He is going to hopefully, keep your fingers crossed, get into the Western States 100 ultra next year.  With that being said, he is also planning on going for one of the hardest running accomplishments ever, the grand slam.  So he needs pacers and with my love for running ridiculous miles, we have been talking a lot.  Ironman is this next year 2011, and then in 2012, it will be about the ultras again.  I have already been thinking about the JFK 50 miler three months after my last Ironman for 2011.  I am thinking that this year it might happen, the JFK 50 miler.  Last year, well, it’s a long story but I ended up not running in the race.  So there are some questions that will be answered after IM number 1 of this year; will my body be okay to run a 50 miler just three months after an Ironman, will my body be okay to do anything after IM number 2?  Questions keep on popping up and I am not trying to answer them myself.  I am thinking that going with the flow and seeing how this tri year ends up and then roll with it.

So I have learned some things about training up in the North over the past week. One of those things is that you have to think about snow fall and how much of it when thinking about the long bike ride for the week.  With highs in the low 30’s and the first snowfall, they are only calling for flurries, my long ride this weekend might consist of me, my bike, the trainer, and movies (sounds fun huh? If you want to join come on over).  Another thing I learned this week is that a speedo in a heated pool indoors  is still cold.  The water is in the mid 70’s but it is super cold but the hot tub after finishing makes it all worth it.  And the last thing I learned this week, and the most important is man up.  It is going to be cold, heck it is going to get colder so I need to man up, deal with it, and do the training outside.  Like today I have at least a 40 minute run, not far, a short little one, so during lunch it will be.  I am also wearing less clothing, sounds stupid, but I need to get use to the cold weather somehow, right?

Well with the day starting, the sun rising, it’s time to knock out some work and prepare for a fun little weekend.  Stay warm and pound out some miles this weekend.  It is not a workout unless you’re feeling like shit after.


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