Snow and Cold

It looks like the cold is here to stay for a couple of months.  The weekends are usually the time when people relax, hang out with friends, and sometimes just do nothing.  For someone in training, they know, that weekends are used for the long distance training. The training that can’t be done during the week due to the amount of work that needs to be done.  Saturday started off with a 60-80 minute run.  I did my run of 80 minutes and then went running with a friend.  We did an extra 8ish miles together and that put my 80 minutes to a 3 hour run.  Some may say that is crazy but when you love being outside and running, it is actually super fun.

Sunday was planned for a 2-3 hour bike ride with a different friend.  After checking the weather and looking at the maps, it looked like it might not happen due to wind chill being well below freezing and the possibility of snow.  Well I manned up, put on an extra couple of layers and knocked out the ride.  It was not fast at all due to the massive headwind that we had in the first 20ish miles.  On the return, it was a speed chase, we were flying with a 25 mph tail wind.  When getting home and taking off my three pairs of socks, my toes were a nice purple color.  I guess I need to get use to the cold a little more, or not go out when the wind chill is around 20 degrees.

The weekend ended in an awesome  way, church with all my friends.  What a way to end, or start, a week.  With Monday on the calendar now, it is time to look at this weeks things and get on it.  It is going to be a cold week so getting use to the weather is going to happen.  It helps that the three Barnes Boys have started a beard growing contest, my dad, brother, and myself.  Well until next time, stay warm and train outside, it is super pretty and cold.

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