Happy Trails

Alright, it seems that winter is here for good now and that means more time inside training for the bike.  I don’t mind going out and running in the cold, pounding out some miles even in the worst conditions, rain, snow or freezing rain, but, biking in that stuff, fogetaboutit.  After taking a look at what I would have to wear today on a bike ride, with the wind chill near 10 degrees, it is just not going to happen.   Being in the cold makes me want to move, stay inside, and pretty much hibernate like a bear does.  It  is a wet cold up here and that means more coldness than it should be.  I can stand single digits in Colorado, which I have done, but the winter up here is a wet cold and thus, making it feel more cold.  My buddies say to man up and put more fat on my body, screw that, it’s cold.

With IM training underway, it seems like the trainer is going to get a lot of use this winter.  It already has gotten a lot of use but long rides might have to be done on it due to the weather.  If it is this cold already, it is going to make for a long long winter.

Alright, enough about rambling on about the cold weather.  So, yesterday I found an amazing trail to run on at work during my lunch breaks.  I am super stoked about it because it is about a mile away from my work and the trail is not that long but it is a trail through the woods.  It allowed me, and will allow me more in the future, to get out of the work mindframe and let go, run through the woods, and have fun on my lunch break.  Extra miles will totally be done on it for fun, for peace, and for my happiness.  Another total random post but with work piling up and the winter here, expect more about these things.

Have a great day, and the thought of the day; try to live with the bier necessaries and live simply.  Enjoy what you have, not what you want.


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