Almost Christmas

It’s less than a couple of weeks till Christmas!  The year has flown by and I have so many things to be thankful for this holiday season, family, friends, health, and happiness.  I can’t wait to head down south, where I am praying for warmer weather, and see the family and friends!  With that being said, these next two weeks are going to be slammed with work and holiday fun.  Work is finally picking up and it is so good to see that when the stores are slowing down, my department is picking up dramatically!  Amen to internet!

Training is going great.  I had a day yesterday that made me want to kick it into high gear again and train my ass off.  I watched a 10k race yesterday morning and that is what it took.  I have been training but not full in, so now I am all in and watching the race helped me out a lot.  It is so on right now and loving every training session, even if it makes me want to vomit, curse, or throw things, it’s fun.

I am leaving you with this, it is something that was sent to me but it is oh so true. Enjoy the day and have some fun!

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